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General Technology Policies

The Luddy Indianapolis equipment policies are set by the Executive Associate Dean and the Director of Technology Services.  Their goal is to help Luddy Indianapolis faculty, staff, and students make productive use of computing and library resources.

Eligibility for Computing Resources:

The following classes of users are eligible for baseline computing support:  faculty on full time, continuing appointment and staff whose duties require computers.  In addition, certain groups of Associate Instructors with substantial supervisory responsibilities may be eligible for computer equipment with departmental support.  Visiting and part-time faculty may be provided with a computer if inventory allows.

Life-Cycle Replacement:

Baseline hardware configurations are reviewed annually and, in order to participate in volume discounts, generally follow configurations adopted by the campus.  Computers in the Luddy Indianapolis are replaced on a four-year cycle, with upgrades occurring in the summer.  Faculty may elect either a Windows or Macintosh computer from a list of higher-education or academic standard configurations provided by the University’s list of preferred computer vendors.  The current standard configuration meets the requirements to run Adobe Creative Suite.   All computer purchases must include an extended warranty.

To maximize compatibility, all Luddy Indianapolis computers are provided with a standard software build.  In the event a computer system becomes corrupted, the Technology Staff will restore the standard build.

Technology Support:

The Technology Staff will provide hardware and software support and will install hardware, perform hardware diagnosis and repair, and analyze software problems.  Reports of computing problems should be submitted using the school’s technology support system:    The technology staff will provide service only for school-owned computers located on-campus.  If you have technical problems while using your school-provided computer at home, you will need to bring it to campus for repair.  Personal computers owned by faculty and staff cannot be supported.  If you lack network access, telephone the Technology Coordinator at 317-274-1230 and leave a message.

Priority is given to requests that affect a large number of people, for example, where there is a widespread networking problem.  Individual requests are dealt with as quickly as possible.  For software-related problems, users are encouraged to use the following resources:  [1] on-line documentation, [2] the University Information Technology Services (UITS) Knowledge Base (, and [3] the UITS Support Center (317-274-4357).  Short classes are available for many computer applications through UITS IT Training & Education classes. (

Inventory Control:

Luddy Indianapolis computers are to be used on-campus only.  In cases where faculty or staff need to use a school-owned computer at home, they must obtain approval from the Executive Associate Dean.  When such approval is made, the user must complete an equipment checkout form available from the Director of Technology Services or the Technology Coordinator.  The user must keep technology staff informed of equipment location at all times.

Equipment and other tangible items purchased with school funds are the property of Indiana University.  IU has very strict policies regarding its property.  All equipment and other tangible items must be returned at the time of separation from the school. Luddy Indianapolis technology staff are required by IU policy to do a physical inventory every two years.  If equipment is off-campus, the user will be requested to return it to campus to be accounted for in inventory.

Updated:  June 16, 2017