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Room Use Policy


  • Students, faculty, and staff in Luddy Indianapolis generally have priority in scheduling rooms controlled by the school.
  • Use of school-controlled rooms by other university and campus affiliates is subject to availability and may be limited at peak times.
  • Use of school-controlled rooms by external partners may be possible when arranged by an eligible school faculty or staff member, and with the approval of school administration.

Student Clubs and Registered Student Organizations

  • Recognized school clubs and registered student organizations affiliated with Luddy Indianapolis are eligible to reserve meetings rooms, classrooms, and labs.
  • Informally organized student groups may be eligible to use space based on availability, but priority for use may be given to recognized school group and registered student organizations.
  • Violation of policy, including repeated failure to show for room reservations, may result in a limitation or suspension of room use for the student group.

Code of Conduct

  • Students must adhere to the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct at all times (
  • Students must follow directions of faculty and staff and must adhere to the general policies and expectations of Luddy Indianapolis.

Advance Booking and Academic Scheduling

  • Dates for future terms will not be approved until classroom assignment have been completed for the term. This coincides with the first day of classes for that term.
  • Academic scheduling generally has priority for future bookings.

Changes and Cancellations

  • While most reservations will be approved as requested, in some cases, a request might be shifted to a similar alternative space. Entering accurate information about room use, such as attendee headcounts, can help ensure you get a room that meets your needs.
  • In rare instances, an existing reservation may need to be canceled (to accommodate a change in academic scheduling, for example). In such cases, users are encouraged to check other options on campus, such as the University Library and Campus Center.

Food and Drink

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in lab spaces, including computer labs, multimedia labs, and studios.
  • When bringing food and drink into a meeting room or classroom, be sure to plan enough time for clean up to make sure the room is ready for use by the next group.
  • Catered events may be subject to additional approvals and be subject to room limitations.