Software Bots for Cognitive Automation Undergraduate Certificate

Software Bots for Cognitive Automation Undergraduate Certificate

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming industries, and common tasks like processing invoices and screening job applicants. Seize the opportunities these rapidly evolving technologies are creating.

Our Software Bots for Cognitive Automation certificate online and prepare to join the AI workforce and qualify for technology careers in sectors including:

  • Retail
  • Health care
  • Banking and finance
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

An AI-trained workforce is crucial

As process and cognitive automation take on routine work, the demand for an AI-trained workforce is increasing. Earn your certificate from Indiana University through our school, based at its Indianapolis campus. Position yourself to work in this new field of AI-powered automation, developing computational systems that perform tasks and solve problems.


You complete this certificate entirely online.

Apply credits towards B.S.

The certificate completes the beginning portion of the B.A. in Artificial Intelligence.

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Why it's the right fit

Our Software Bots for Cognitive Automation certificate is a 16-credit program you complete in two semesters online.

The undergraduate certificate serves:

  • Working professionals: Be prepared for what comes next.
  • College students: Develop new skills for an edge in the job market.
  • High school students and graduates: Forge your career path through professional training in AI.

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs. If you earn this certificate and later pursue your bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence through our school, your classes will count toward your AI degree, which you can earn online or on campus.


Jobs in intelligent process automation cover a wide area, including design, development, and analysis. Job titles include:

  • AI-assistants developer
  • Automation software engineer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • RPA architect
  • Software bots designer

We created this job-driven certificate in consultation with companies that expect a growing need for designers, developers, and analysts in cognitive automation.

Course requirements

You’ll take five online classes to earn your 16-credit Software Bots for Cognitive Automation Undergraduate Certificate.

Core Courses

  1. Python Programming: CSCI-A 201 Intro to Programming I or INFO-B 210 Information Infrastructure I 
  2. INFO-I 220 Social Impact of Bots and Automation
  3. INFO-I 319  Cognitive Automation and Bots Development
  4. INFO-I 419  Enterprise Cognitive Automation
  5. Approved Elective

Select one:

  • AII 20000 Introduction to Data Science (3 cr.)
  • CSCI-A 202 Introduction to Programming II (4 cr.)
  • CSCI-N 211 Introduction to Databases (3 cr.)
  • HIM-M 200 Database Design for Health Information Management (3 cr.)
  • INFO-B 443  Natural Language Processing (3 cr.)
  • INFO-I 223 Data Fluency (3 cr.)
  • INFO-I 308  Information Representation (3 cr.)
  • INFO-I 340 Collaborative Human–AI Systems (3 cr.)
  • INFO-I 428 Web Mining (3 cr.)
  • INFO-I 459 Media and Technology Entrepreneurship (3 cr.)
  • INFO-I 483 Conversational User Interfaces: Experience Design and Applications (3 cr.)
  • INFO-I 496 Artificial Intelligence Professional Practice 1 (3 cr.)
  • NEWM-N328 Visualizing Information (3 cr.)

A minimum grade of C- is required for any course to be counted toward the certificate.

Getting started

You can earn this as a stand-alone certificate, or as part of an undergraduate degree. To get started, you’ll need to be admitted to IUPUI as an undergraduate student.

Current students

Contact your advisor to add this certificate to your major.

New students

You will need to apply to IUPUI as an undergraduate student.