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Chelsea Allanigue

  • Undergraduate Student Ambassador
  • Major: Biomedical Informatics


Hometown: Fishers, IN

High school: Hamilton Southeastern High School

Career goal: After graduation, I plan to continue my studies and get my master’s degree at IUPUI.

I am a sophomore studying Biomedical Informatics with a minor in Public Health and Epidemiology. My interest in computer science and biology led me to IUPUI and this program.

As a first-generation Filipino American, navigating my first year of college was difficult. My parents studied overseas and were not aware of the different systems in American education, especially college education. It was a big adjustment for my family, since my siblings and I also grew up in the Philippines. Fortunately, there were people like student ambassadors and academic advisors who helped educate me about academic planning. As a student ambassador, I want the students and families I meet to be knowledgeable about the many different programs and opportunities available in IUPUI and SoIC. I will prioritize and make sure that every student can start the school year confidently and excited for what is to come.

Throughout the year, I am finding more opportunities to be involved on campus. Last year, I was an Undergraduate Representative for the Informatics and Computing Student Council. Now, I am becoming more involved in the Biomedical Informatics Club and learning about the different opportunities and skillsets they offer.