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David Perry, B.S.

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Media Arts and Science


davperryiupui [dot] edu


  • B.S. Media Arts and Science, IUPUI (2016)


David Perry’s creative world is nested in storytelling and character development. While teaching students 2D animation, his lectures are couched in:

  • The structures of Joseph Campbell’s iconic monomyth, “The Hero’s Journey”
  • The study of narrative archetypes
  • The introduction to Jungian archetypes and psychology

These offer methods for understanding who characters really are at their depths, and how this understanding forms the foundation of crafting and animating a character with genuine life.

In addition to these more abstract concepts, Perry guides students through practical industry knowledge, including:

  • Various specializations throughout the field of animation (not just the animators)
  • The 12 principles of animation
  • The 2D animation pipeline
  • How to build a specialized portfolio
  • How to find jobs
  • How to make a personal creative property sellable through pitch bibles
  • Opportunities for engaging in the community of animation in Los Angeles to build a reputation.

Beyond the classroom Perry works with industry professionals at studios in Los Angeles, such as Disney, Netflix, and Nickelodeon, as a series concept developer, visual development artist, character designer, and screenwriter. His focus is in pitch material design and development.

Research Interests

  • Series concept development and pitch material design and development
  • Illustration, character design, environment design, and prop design
  • Storytelling, narrative structure, screenwriting, and character development
  • Behavioral psychology and neurology
  • Existential philosophy and metaphysics
  • Overall, exploring the human condition and creating meaning through animated storytelling