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Festus Segun Ajiboye

  • Graduate Student Ambassador
  • Degree sought: M.S. Bioinformatics


fsajiboyiu [dot] edu


Hometown: Ilale, Nigeria

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

About: I have first-hand expertise in creating and deploying software products, and a thorough understanding of software development techniques. I also have good technical abilities in computer systems, programming, algorithms, and data structures.

I’m utilizing problem-solving abilities and the capacity for critical thought and creative thinking as I pursue a master's degree in bioinformatics at IUPUI. Due to my coursework and teamwork on projects, I have strong communication and teamwork abilities. I'm preparing for a variety of tech-related occupations, such as those in software development, system architecture, and medical diagnosis.

I want to help people right now. Any inquiries about the courses?

Advice: For incoming students seeking graduate degrees:

  • First, get acquainted with the program requirements
  • To be sure you are on pace to graduate on time, review the program's course offerings, degree requirements, and timetable.
  • Then, get together with your advisor, who can help you go about the program, answer your questions, and connect you with resources.