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Garland C. Elmore, Ph.D.

Garland Elmore
  • Emeritus Associate Professor, Informatics


elmoreiupui [dot] edu
IT 500


  • Ph.D., Communication, Ohio University (1979)
  • M.A., Marshall University (1971)
  • B.A., Concord College (1968)


Dr. Elmore joined the faculty in 1976 to develop an academic program in communication technology. He established the curriculum and degrees, recruited the faculty and staff, and directed the program. As an extension of his work in communication, he collaborated closely with faculty in music, journalism, information science, art and other disciplines to develop the curriculum and interdisciplinary degree proposals for an applied major in new and emerging media. He became a Founding Member of the New Media faculty when the program was approved.

In 1989 Dr. Elmore moved into campus administration to lead the development of an information technology strategy for IUPUI. As part of the implementation, the central computing, media, and telecommunication support units were merged. He served as executive director of the new organization through the transition and then became associate dean of the faculties and associate vice chancellor at IUPUI. Dr. Elmore was appointed to his present position in 1997 when Indiana University created the Office of the Vice President of Information Technology to provide leadership for information technology and to extend support across all eight campuses of the institution.

As associate vice president, Dr. Elmore leads the UITS Teaching and Learning Information Technology (TLIT) Division. TLIT provides technology services to faculty, students, staff, and technology support professionals across eight campuses. Responsibilities include developing strategies and implementing plans for classroom technology, Residential IT Services, Student Technology Centers, Support Centers, and Oncourse (the online environment for teaching and learning at IU). TLIT also has responsibilities for technology support for faculty via campus based teaching and learning centers, an IT training and education program focused on the hardware and software used at the University, the telephone call centers that provide operator services to IUB, IUPUI, and the IU hospitals, and advanced technical support offered to technology professionals who provide IT services to schools and departments. Specialized services are offered in data management and digital media, which produce course materials in several media. Dr. Elmore’s division also provides leadership for many projects and initiatives that encourage the use of learning technology, including the IU workstation modernization and lifecycle replacement initiative, enterprise license software agreements, telephone service contracts, faculty incentive programs and assistance with learning outcome assessment. TLIT operates with a budget of $21 million and employs 236 full time professional and technical staff and approximately 400 part time staff. In his role as dean for information technology, Dr. Elmore is responsible for representing IUPUI IT interests in University Information Technology Services, for ensuring that services offered by other divisions meet the needs of students, faculty and staff at IUPUI, and for leading selected IT initiatives on the Indianapolis campus.